SEEINGDEADPEOPLE , was created by LeekdaRulaa better known as Leek in 2016. Over the years the creative process has gotten steady and a lot of new things are coming out constantly. This brand is about standing out. With crazy graphics and cool anime designs featuring different ethnic backgrounds for unity. Everyone is eventually going to die one day so the message is to see the equality in that if nothing else. Bone pants have also become a staple now and they are definitely here to stay. The bones represent how fragile we really are , just skin and bones. Love and much appreciation to anyone who checks out the site , gets inspired or buys something they feel would ultimately make them happier. Many years of progression to come and lots of new projects and ideas. The brand to deliver high quality garments all hand drawn by Leek , designed in house and all communication is also handled by leek. The most hands on streetwear brand ever to come. Lets go the stars!